Skusat Scholarship Exam 2018; Final Opportunity for the Year

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Dear Nigerian Student, we are pleased to announce to you another update for this year 2018 skusat final scholarship exam for the year.

As you may know, this exam has been going on since the beginning of the year and students like you have won the first batch, Second batch and now is the third batch for the year 2018.

This scholarship opportunity is open for undergraduates and also aspiring students who have written jamb already.


Read the following instructions carefully and be well guided:

  • Apply Online before the 5th of October

    Enrol for the 2018 Skusat CBT Contest for a chance to win up to N300,000 cash for your academic and personal development needs.

    Registration for this online contest is open to undergraduates and tertiary aspirants seeking cash grants to support their academic career in 2018.

    The online test which has been scheduled to hold on the 20th of October will consist of 30 logical and intuitive questions from various academic spheres and there will be a grant/award presentation event for successful participants on the 26th of October.

    The 4 reward categories are outlined below:

    N300,000 80% and above
    N100,000 (70 – 79)%
    N50,000 (65 – 69)%
    N20,000 (62 – 64)%



  • Final year students and expatriates are not eligible to apply.
  • Tertiary aspirants may apply by providing a valid UTME/JAMB registration number where required.
  • The program tagged Skusat CBT Contest has been able to reward over 600 participants from inception and in a bid to ensure viable clarification from successful applicants, you must possess at least one of the documents stated in the registration form.
  • An 8-digit AUTHENTICATION ID will be sent to all registered applicants within 24hrs of submitting an application.
  • Applications will be screened and ONLY ELIGIBLE applicants will be required to obtain a Passcode/PIN for the Live Test with N1,000 only after scaling through the necessary data verification process.
  • You can partake in this program by using any internet enabled device such as mobile phones, PCs and tablets. The examination will be monitored remotely via your IP address.


skusat sholarship





Acquaint yourself with the structure and framework of the Live Test by taking a Pre-Test online.

The password to the Pre-Test page will be displayed alongside the URL, after a successful submission of your application online.

Download Free PDF Skusat Scholarship Past Questions & Answers

If you want the Skusat Scholarship past questions and answers for free, then share this post and comment with your email address and we will send you a free copy.


Goodluck to you all. 
Remember to share this opportunity with your friends on social media and help them win together with you. 
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29 Replies to “Skusat Scholarship Exam 2018; Final Opportunity for the Year”

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Check Your Email; We’ve sent it to your inbox

  1. Adebukola Elizabeth says:

    How will I pay the #1000 for the love test

    1. Editorial Team says:

      my dear, the admin has ordered that we give it out for free, so check your indox. We’ve sent you a copy

      1. Prisca says:

        Please how do I get the 2016 past questions?

        1. Editorial Team says:

          I’ve sent it to your email address. Before Next year Scholarship exam start, we’ll update all the years completely.

    2. Editorial Team says:

      The live test is open to only those who have registered for the scholarship. Click on “Apply Here” on the post above to register if you have not done that.

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Check your indox, we have sent you a copy

  2. Christopher Obri says:

    pls i need it now

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Hello Chris, check your indox. we’ve sent it to you

  3. Franklin says:

    Pls I need the past questions

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Hello Frank,
      The scholarship past questions and answers have been sent to your indox.

  4. Obb says:

    Pls send me

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Check your inbox

    1. Editorial Team says:

      sent, please check your inbox


    Hello, I have shared the post my email address is, thanks.

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      Hello dear,
      We’ve sent it to your inbox.
      Thanks for sharing

  6. Madehin Mustapha says:

    Hello, I have shared the post And also commented, please can you send it to me too. Thank you very much

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  7. Mac Kenzie says:

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